• Millesimato, made exclusively from only the extra nutrient filled
    cow's milk of the first one hundred days after the calf's birth,
    is a certified parmigiano reggiano like no other.
  • The unprecedented attention to detail in the production of this cheese begins
    with the fresh spring water located on the farm, the homegrown fodder
    fed to the cows, and the use of only the lactating cow's milk from
    the first 100 days after giving birth.
  • Millesimato literally means detailed to the 1000th degree.
  • Out of 453 certified producers of parmigiano reggiano,
    only Bertinelli produces Millesimato.
  • Break off a shard and inhale the full bouquet. With less aggressivity and piquancy,
    Millesimato parmigiano reggiano is characterized by a desirable palate which
    inspires uninhibited consumption.
  • Bertinelli SRL, established in 1895 in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy,
    is a 700 cow agricultural firm which produces this
    specialty parmigiano reggiano cheese Millesimato
  • Millesimato is an exclusive and unique cheese.
    It enhances any connoisseur's table or chef's fine cuisine.

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