• The flavor and aroma of a cacao raised under the Dominican sun at the Vestri finca and lovingly transformed into a world class chocolate in the heart of Tuscany is incomparable.
  • The uncompromising Italian pursuit of excellence defines the philosophy of
    Danielo and Stefania Vestri and is evident in the quality of the product.
  • Following more than two decades in pursuit of their own unique chocolate,
    Danielo and Stefania Vestri determined the best route to perfection was to grow their own.
  • Vestri's lush Dominican farm Vista Alegre serves as a place to reencounter the origins of their product with a sincere respect for the local culture and history.
  • This opportunity represents the possibility to control each phase of production:
    • planting and harvesting their own cacao
    • allowing the beans to ferment underneath freshly picked banana leaves
    • hand selecting only the larger beans for use in the chocolate production
  • These artigianale artisan methods are the basis for the purity of Vestri chocolate.
  • The meticulous supervision by Danielo and Stefania through each phase of production results in a product revered throughout Italy and amongst the most discriminating
    chocolate connoisseurs worldwide.


  • The strict exclusion of pesticides and chemical additives is imperative to
    the taste of Vestri Cioccolato.
  • Vestri Cioccolato begins with a cultivation tradition of the cacao cabosa
    in the New World which spans 500 years.
  • A few of the wholly natural ingredients

    Sicilian orange rind Grapes dried into raisins in the Tuscan sun
    Piemontese hazelnuts Brazilian pink peppercorns
    Bronte Sicilian pistachios Madagascar vanilla

Unlike any other chocolate in the world marketplace,
                           Vestri's loving vision renders a uniquely delectable product.

                                          Any description cannot truly do justice to this product.

                                                       To taste is to understand.

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